Helen james
Lightning Process Practitioner

Developed by Dr Phil Parker 
Applying the science of the brain-body connection to rebuild your health

The Lightning process...

I am Helen James, an advanced Lightning Process (LP) practitioner.

Based in Manchester but delivering the Lightning Process throughout the UK either face to face or online.

Personally trained by Dr Phil Parker in 2008 I have over 15 years experience in which time I have helped hundreds of people rebuild their health.

Do you want to get your life back? Why not start now, I would love to help you on your journey.

IS this you?

  • Never returned to my old self since suffering from a strong virus such as Glandular Fever  or COVID 19/Coronavirus
  • Constantly having one health problem after another
  • Always feeling exhausted regardless of how much rest you get
  • Forever worrying and feeling really stressed
  • Often feel upset and down
  • Sick and tired of feeling stuck in a rut

Contact Helen to discuss if the Lightning Process could be the solution for you

Find Out More Information

What Is The Lightning Process

It teaches you how to use the science behind the brain body connection.

LP Course

3 consecutive half days in a group or 1:1,  online or face to face

Is it suitable for me?

Do you feel like you are not yourself, your health is not what it used to?

Patrick Strudwick 65x65

Patrick Strudwick

The Times

"The Lightning Process was the most empowering experience I've ever had. It saved my life"

Austin Healey 65x65

Austin Healey

England Rugby International

"Having seen the Lightning Process in action, I'm convinced it is the most powerful way to make rapid and lasting changes in any area of your life"

Martine McCutcheon 65x65

Martine McCutcheon

Film & TV Star

"Astonishing, swift and simple" The Independent “I took the Lightning Process, it was amazing.”

Chris Marques 65x65

Chris Marques

International Dance Star & Choreographer For Strictly Come Dancing

“I am so excited to start the year ahead as a person with 150 per cent of my energy, being myself on stage rather than the shadow I had become.”

Laura Mvula 65x65

Laura Mvula

Songwriter & Singer

“It helped me enormously.”

Attend a free talk about the
Lightning Process

Want to find out more about the Lightning Process and speak to an expert?

Then register for a  FREE talk run by Helen 

Helen has over 12 years experience of delivering LP and is happy to answer any questions you may have.

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