The Lightning Process Course

Learn to use your brain-body connection to work for you, rather than against you

LP Seminar Options

You can attend the seminar as part of a small group (2-5 people) or as a  one to one.

The LP can be delivered  online via zoom or face to face

Unsure which option would suit you contact Helen to discuss

Online V Face to Face

The course content and tools that you will learn during the training are exactly the same, although the delivery is different depending on the format that you choose.  Both options create the same opportunities for making changes to your health and wellbeing. 

When taking the seminar online you are at all times in contact with Helen via zoom video link, as if you were in the training room. Unlike many other online training courses it is not self learning. 

I recognise that not everyone likes working with technology and if this is the case for you, you may wish to wait until you can attend a face to face seminar.  It’s important that you feel comfortable taking the training and choose the best delivery method for your learning style.

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The seminar will take place using Zoom over 3 consecutive half days.  The start times of the seminars vary and can be tailored  to suit you.  The length of the course will depend on the needs of the clients/group, but it is usually between 3-4 hours per day, there will be regular breaks.

To take the course online you will need:

  • Access to the internet
  • Use of a printer – to print out the handouts and key resources you will need to use during the seminar (you will be sent these before the course) 
  • A computer with a webcam
  • A space where you won’t be disturbed so you can concentrate on the training

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Lightning Process

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